Contraception with Andro-Switch: 10 questions to ask yourself before you start

Yes, it is 99.5% effective. The Andro-switch provides one of the safest forms of male contraception, provided that the thermal contraceptive protocol is followed with regular follow-up semen analyses.

The silicone ring keeps your testicles close to the body. Your body heat stops sperm production, allowing for the male contraceptive process to start.


Andro-switch is in the process of being certified to be accessible to all, in the meantime you can dress up your interior space with a

special talisman 😉


No, male contraception with the Andro-Switch is not painful if you don’t have a medical condition that might affect normal usage. When you first start using the ring, it may take a few hours or days for a sensation of discomfort to subside.

Yes, 100%. Studies show complete reversibility within 6 to 9 months after removing the Andro-Switch.

No, but the following side effects may occur: Temporary irritation or discomfort, as well as a decrease in testicle volume of 1 gram. Further research and use of the device may reveal other side effects.

Any abnormalities or previous history of problems in the groin, pubic area, penis or testicles are considered contraindications and should be discussed with your doctor. In addition, the semen analysis taken before wearing the ring must show fertility values within World Health Organization standards.  

No. Spermatozoa represent less than 1% of the total volume of semen. Consistency, colour and smell do not change when using the Andro-Switch ring.

Yes, if you wish, but only a condom will protect against sexually transmitted infections. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the Andro-Switch is based on daily use and not on wearing it only during sex.

Slide the Andro-Switch to the base of the penis. Under the penis, gently pull the skin of the scrotum through to the other side of the ring. This will pull the testes snugly up against the pubis.

Read the following documents carefully:

- operating instructions

- doctor-patient mutual consent form

Give the form to your doctor, who will carry out the necessary tests and prescribe a semen analysis to establish whether the Andro-Switch and thermal male contraception are appropriate for your situation.

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Effective, comfortable, environmentally-friendly, groundbreaking

The Andro-Switch is designed to hold the testes comfortably in a raised position, making it the most convenient form of male thermal contraception.

By contracepting with the Andro-Switch, you're exercising your human right to have control over your own body, and taking responsibility as an individual when it comes to your relationships.


Handcrafted in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the Andro-Switch is 100% made in France.


Low waste and free from hormones, latex and toxic colourants, the Andro-Switch has minimal impact on the environment.


Made of 100% biocompatible silicone, the Andro-Switch is comfortable and easy to clean. You’ll forget you’re wearing it.


Using the Andro-Switch as a method of contraception gives you the freedom to control your own body and to take responsibility as an individual.

How to choose your ring size


  1. Take a ruler or a measuring tape.
  3. 1. Stand up, uncover your penis and place the ruler at the base. Measure the width of your penis, at rest, and write it down.
  5. 2. After achieving an erection, place the ruler back at the base of your penis and record the width.  
  7. 3. Enter your measurements in the Andro-Switch Lab, which will suggest the right model for you.
  2. 4. Find the right model manually using your measurements and the size chart below.
Andro-Switch  "soft”
If the difference between the two measurements (at rest and erect) is greater than 1.2 cm, the soft model is more suitable (see table below).
  2. 5. Steps 3 and 4 should result in the same model size. If they don't, you can ask the team for a third opinion by sending an email.

Welcome to the Androswitch Lab!

Please indicate your measurements below, in centimetres to one decimal point (for example, 2.1).

Using the AndroSwitch

Putting on the Andro-Switch

Wash your hands. Clean the ring with mild soap and warm water, then rinse it before gently patting it dry with a clean towel or soft cloth.

Slide the ring onto the penis. Then gently pull the skin of the scrotum all the way through the ring until the ring touches your pubis (the area above your penis) and perineum (the area between your anus and your scrotum). This action will push both testes into their respective canals either side of the base of the penis. Once there, they will be in the warmer environment that is required for male thermal contraception.

Gently pat to check that the testes are in their respective inguinal canals above the thermal ring.

Wash your hands.

Tips :

-Trim the hair on your scrotum to less than 1cm to improve adhesion and avoid the discomfort of pulled hairs during application.

-Read the invitation to "auto-andrology & reclaiming your body" below...and take your time.

Ring too big?

If the ring doesn't stay in place or a testicle falls back through it, it's too big. As long as the testicles are above or at the same level as the ring, they are exposed to body heat.

If you have to put your ring back on more than 5 times a day, it's probably too big.

Use these test postures to check your ring isn't too big (it should hold your testicles in a raised position during both):

Ring too small?

3 tests to check:

- Put it on, get an erection. Does it go flaccid straight away, or is it painful?

- Drink half a litre of water to fill your bladder, put on the ring and urinate. Is it as normal, or are you experiencing discomfort?

- Wear it for 2 hours, then take it off. Do you notice marks on your skin like those made on your calf by a sock that's too small?

If so, please contact the team by e-mail.

To ensure comfort and effectiveness, the contraceptive ring should be placed as close to the pubic bone as possible. It is important to insert the entire penis and the scrotal skin (without the testes) through the thermal ring – this will push the testicles into their respective inguinal canals.

When in the correct position, the thermal ring should be in contact with the pubis (the area above your penis) and the perineum (the area between your anus and the scrotum).

If you feel that your testicles are lacking room or tend to want to go back down, your pubic pouch may be a bit small inside. If so, massage the area and gently pull on the skin, imagining you're freeing up space inside. Lodging the testicles will become easier after practising this gesture over a few days.


- The pubic pouch where the testicles go may be a little stuck, or taut. Massage the area and gently pull on the skin, imagining you're freeing up space inside. Lodging the testicles will become easier with the practice of this gesture over a few days.


Wash your hands.

Gently slide the ring off.

Clean the heat ring with mild soap and warm water, then rinse before gently patting it with a clean towel or soft cloth.

Wash your hands.

The document "ANDRO-SWITCH installation and removal instructions", that is included in the Andro-switch pack, provides a step-by-step guide to ensure optimal positioning and removal of the thermal ring.

Tips :

- Hydrate and soothe the area with baby oil.

- Limit irritation with good daily hygiene and regular cleaning.

Watch the explanatory videos :

Self-andrology & reclaiming your body

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The Andro-Switch pack

The pack includes the instructions for use you need to read as well as all the information you'll need during your use of male thermal contraception with the ring. For technical data on other toolsplease contactARDECOM.


Certification for the ring is pending

Here's some key information about the situation and how you can support us.  

On 10 December 2022, the ANSM suspended sales of the Andro-Switch ring. It has enabled thousands of users to use contraception over the past few years, promoting contraceptive equity and nourishing a rich and active community. The company Thoreme, which was responsible for its distribution, has become an information-only site. 

We need more than ever to defend contraceptive equity and the right for everyone to take their fertility into their own hands. We feel that our personal, sexual and gender practices and preferences are being discriminated against and that, by gaining official recognition of the value of thermal testicular contraceptive devices like the Andro-Switch, we can reverse this trend.

To be able to distribute the Andro-Switch ring as well as other thermal contraception devices, we've started a European Certification process. This requires colossal means (nearly one million euros!) as well as clinical trials with very strict frameworks. The cooperative Entrelac has raised 300,000 dollars to begin the certification process, but we'll need your support on this long road.

The Entrelac cooperative is helping Andro-Switch with regulations and marketing. For more information and to become a member, contact them.

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