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Pauline, a student in the Expographie-Muséographie Master's program at the Université d'Artois, designed

the exhibition "Busting Balls?

Dedicated to testicular contraception, it is designed to meet the real need for a free, autonomous mediation tool to complement and support the work of disseminating testicular contraception.

thermal contraception
in less than 3 minutes


At the request of the ANSM*.

is being certified

In the meantime, find below the reversible talismans of the artist LSF straight from Uranus! 

The ideal way to ... switch!

Beautiful silicone objects to decorate your fireplace, the horn of your unicorn, your candle, your inter-galactic antenna, your vase, your obelisk, your rocket, your ship's mast, in short, you get it....  

* National Agency for the Safety of Medicines


The website to find beautiful silicone objects and decorate anything you want -
handmade on Uranus .

The ENSC Association aims to facilitate the creation of user committees throughout Europe during the Mind Your Sperm Tour!

The site to support the Andro-switch ring certification process and engage with a cooperative society that supports project holders who advance contraceptive equity.


The Instagram account to keep in touch and get all the news about thermal contraception.

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for better contraceptive equity

In 2023, it is still not possible to officially use the safe, effective and reversible thermal male contraceptive method.

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