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Adjustable silicone contraceptive wristband


The Andro-swatch is an adjustable silicone ring - like a bracelet - that enables the practice of so-called "male" thermal contraception, if worn 15 hours a day, every day. To facilitate its appropriation, the Androswatch is released under a free license*. It is designed for simple manufacture using a 3D-printed mold and biocompatible silicone.

Whether it's for starting contraception, for fitting, or for a physical activity requiring greater restraint, its adaptability has been designed to meet the growing needs of testicular contraception users. Its 5 sizes correspond exactly to those of the Andro-switch.

Open-source male contraception

 @dermuger.blogspot 1980 Züricher Hodenbader collective
 Male contraception and paternity magazine - Ardecom
@Revue Contraception masculine et paternité - 1980 Ardecom

Since the 1980s, when there was no desire to develop so-called male contraception, various attempts have led to the development of royalty-free textile jockstrap technologies.

Prototypes of the first Androswitch silicone rings - from self-fabrication to universal accessibility through a handcrafted, patented model, currently undergoing CE certification as a medical device for contraceptive purposes.

@DeutschesHygiene-Museum Dresden

Like the German self-production workshop, groups everywhere are making low-quality pastiches freely available.

2 years of applied design research have resulted in an adjustable, simple version, accessible to all.

As 3D printers for silicone medical devices become available to the general public, it's becoming possible to print your own jockstrap directly, without the need for molding.

Androswatch is licensed under a Creative Common (CC-by-nc-sa) & Blockchain Certificate license: this work may be freely reproduced and shared for non-commercial use, provided that any such sharing complies with the same license as the original.

Other DIY tools :

Benjamin Anché shares two 3D-printable boxes perfect for your contraceptive rings & bracelets. It's up to you to modify the files to fit the box size. Thanks Benjamin! The first model is screw-in and the second is hinged:

SEX-ED + makes various contraceptive methods available free of charge for 3D printing!

DIY Thermal contraception

Here you can download all you need to make your own adjustable contraceptive ring. A PDF tutorial with details of all the steps and the STL files to make the molds using a 3D printer.

Silicone: Platinum - Biocompatible - Shore 10 to 20 + silicone oil

Once out of the oven, simply check that the silicone ring is still usable.

If the inside of the ring is glazed with small bubbles, this means you need to remake the mold, mixing better.

The androswatch can be opened and closed simply by means of an olive that can be hooked into the various holes.

This allows you to change settings during the course of a day, or according to your physical activities.


Andro-swatch CC-BY-NC-SA

User manual - AndroSwatch

Fitting the androswatch

First, close your Androswatch on the size of your choice.

Then pass your penis through the ring so that it reaches the base of your penis.

Then gently pull the skin of your scrotum through the ring, without touching the testicles, which rise "mechanically" into the inguinal pouch at pubic level.

Place your ring firmly at the base of your parts, pulling it left, right, up and down.

The testicles must be above the penis, and remain in this position for 15 hours a day.

You can check that the size is right by squatting for about twenty seconds: if the ring holds and the testicles stay up, it's good!

To remove the ring, simply loosen the olive and release the penis, to avoid rubbing.

Differences between andro-switch & andro-swatch

Making the andro-switch

Handcrafted production undergoing European certification.

Making the andro-swatch
Autonomous production to be shared without European certification
Purpose of the andro-switch

Patented & accessible to the general public

Becoming the first CE medical device for testicular contraception

Purpose of the andro-swatch

Open source & individual and collective ownership

Becoming the object at the intersection of applied design research - testicular contraception - maker culture

Durability & practicality of the andro-switch

Interesting long-term testicular contraception

Can be guaranteed for 2 years

5 sizes and 2 types of elasticity for 10 possibilities only


Durability & practicality of the andro-swatch

Interesting testicular contraception start-up

Can be used for 6 months to 1 year

1 single model, 1 single elasticity, but infinite possibilities by modifying print files and molding.