Maxime Labrit
Speaker - trainer


In a few words

I have been working in the field of male contraception for over 6 years now and my actions are dedicated to improving contraceptive equity.

I work with all members of the public through training sessions, conferences and other activities that raise awareness on the issue.

Maxime Labrit is present Every Tuesday from 7pm to 8:30pm for a first contact.
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"How to guide and assist patients throughout male contraception"
Modules :
    • State of play: levers, obstacles and needs
    • Physical examinations in the context of male contraception
    • Practice of thermal methods, hormonal methods and vasectomy
    • Role-playing and assessment of knowledge acquired in the module

Duration: 1 day

Public: For all health care practitioners and those involved in sexual and reproductive health

The module is tailored to the needs of different audiences

Modalities: Face-to-face or distance learning

For the general public on male contraception and related topics such as:

  • Societal issues
  • Knowledge of one's body
  • The past and future of male contraception
  • Strategies and dynamics of innovation
  • Scientific and biotechnological approaches

Festivals or events around the topic or related themes,

In the form of workshops, meetings or information stands,


@Alter-Echos-male contraception


Designer and developer of the Andro-switch. Researcher and speaker on male contraception.

Sailor, nurse, community health project coordinator, in 2016 I discovered the extent of my ignorance when it comes to the possibilities for male contraception.

In addition to known and recognised methods, other methods such as hormonal and thermal contraception are struggling to become accessible to everyone. I discovered that for 40 years, activists and a handful of doctors have been trying to keep this knowledge alive in the hope that social pressure will finally allow these alternatives to be accessible to everyone.

The fruit of multidisciplinary thought: The close observation of nature, biohacking and biotechnology led me to create a silicone ring called the Andro-switch; a simple, comfortable device that enhances the practice of thermal contraception.

After constructing my own personal DIY model, I decided to share both my knowledge of thermal contraception and my invention.

Would the coming together of a purpose-made device, at a reasonable cost, combined with the open-sourcing of knowledge be enough to break the mould in the field of contraception?
Six years later, the answer is yes!
We have gone from a few dozen people per year knowing about the subject, to several million (cf vidéos Konbini ou Urbania). Every year, several thousand more people start using thermal contraception.
This struggle is starting to pay off with some positive signs of success, and indications that we are on the road to genuine contraceptive equity.

Between ultra-medicalisation or total de-medicalisation, male contraception has been trying for decades to find its place. I am convinced that that place is a happy medium of formalisation, where users and professionals work together and collaborate on equal terms.

Today I am entirely devoted to this cause, which intersects many themes: deconstruction of masculinities, patient-caregiver relationships, the place of the pharmaceutical industry in public health policies, knowledge of one's own body, free and informed choice, medical ethics... the list goes on.
Over and above the certification of the ring, that will enhance individual contraceptive choices, awareness, education and training on the subject is crucial.


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