Diary of my experience with male hormonal contraception

Contraception is a matter for the couple. But we men have an unfortunate tendency to leave this "mental burden" to our darlings. Attitudes are only slowly changing, and "invasive" contraception is still usually a burden reserved for women. Yet there's plenty to [...]


Understanding the Process and Implications Vasectomy, also known as male sterilization, is a permanent contraceptive procedure that is attracting increasing interest in France. It offers a reliable, hormone-free contraceptive option for men who no longer wish to have children, or who do not wish to [...].

Contraceptive choice: why take a different look at contraception?

Heterosexual sexuality cannot be reduced to the act of vaginal penetration and/or ejaculation. To enter into physical love is to enter a space of a multitude of gestures and movements as vast as the universe. This is what we learn from Tantric sexual practices. If penetration has long been synonymous with [...]

Switch up

Evolution of living organisms Some species evolved from ancestors with external testicles, yet the testicles are actually inside the abdomen, as in hedgehogs and dolphins, for example. Why are human testicles located in an eccentric pocket of the body? A question of temperature, seduction by display, to run [...].

Bio Act

Biohacking The term hacker is used in its original sense to find new, intelligent ways of doing things in the context of participatory biology. Brushing our teeth is already an act of biohacking. Certain bodily functions seem to be beyond our conscious control: digestion, heartbeat, etc. What about [...]?

Sound of silence

When will we see the advent of a mutualization of natural contraceptive practices? Is it possible for men to have more control over the consequences of their fertility through sexual relations? What means do they have at their disposal to extricate themselves from this destiny of silence that is man's with his sexuality, paternity and fertility? Beyond the [...]

Slow contraception: a different way of using contraception!

Gentle, natural, autonomous contraception Slow contraception is a system of values. It's a human quest to share the mental burden of contraception, to alternate contraceptive carriers within heterosexual couples, and to better understand how our bodies work, their rhythms and their needs. The future of [...]

Personal is political

 Be a good boy... and why not "Our bodies, our lives, our rights to choose"? When will individual and collective awareness rise, as it did in the 60s, so that men can reclaim their bodies? In the 60s, in the United States, the United Kingdom and then France, [...]

Be Human

Gender, why do it up? Faced with the problems associated with socio-sexual identities, testicular remounting using tools such as Andro-switch, the underpants, etc., can facilitate an emancipatory approach to family relations in terms of contraceptive choices and one's position in the face of patriarchy and viriarchy. Gender(s) & Sexual identity(ies) [...]