A committed start-up

Thoreme is an innovative start-up whose ambition is to prove the world that it is possible to protect the environment thanks to testicular & thermal contraception, with a product that is gentle both on the planet and on the body. Thanks to slow and testicular (or so-called male) contraception, Thoreme hopes to widen the reach of a collaborative approach to fertility control.

Less is better!

Our core values

  • To promote men’s health with an eco-friendly product designed to sustain the right to decide when, how and if you want to become a parent.
  • To offer easier access to a method that is still being developed and that allows men to embrace contraception together with their partners.
  • To endorse every man’s right to be able to resort to alternative birth control methods that are both safe and efficient.
  • To question our relationship with our body, with others, with gender, with parenthood, sexuality, contraceptive responsibility, and sociocultural diktats.

It all boils down to the improvement of the so-called male contraception offer while advocating sustainable progress in men’s right alongside women’s.

Our manifesto

Right from the start, our ambition has been to give testicular & thermal contraception a more positive image, to make it more approachable and more environment-friendly.

Let’s shake our deeply rooted habits up and choose to take responsibility for our own contraception.

Let’s transform social and gender-based relationships by becoming conscious and autonomous actors/users of birth control methods.

Let’s claim our rights to pleasure, to an active paternity and to a new relationship with our body, a true source of knowledge.

Andro-switch is a unique and lasting solution designed to apply this kind of natural contraception.

Your contraception is yours and yours only. So why not give it a go?


My name is Maxime and I am the founder & developer behind Andro-switch. I am also a researcher in testicular contraception. I am a nurse and have been contracepted with Andro-switch for 3 years. After sailing for 7 years on the Atlantic and the Caribbean, I settled down on the Atlantic coast to be close to my daughter. A romantic relationship raised the question of thermal male contraception. The only problem was: how could I get my hands on heating underwear without having to travel to Toulouse to see Dr Mieusset, the only doctor developing this method in France? Wishing to address the lack of means to practice testicle lifting, I then decided to create a new device based on the same principle. Enters the Andro-switch. This ring is a modern version of the aforementioned heating underwear, so to speak. I took the plunge in order to address my own needs but I am convinced that the answer I found can be shared by many. Thanks to a device, to knowledge and to the boldness to launch a discussion about what seems to be more than a personal aspiration – while putting it into practice.

Gérard, technical manager:My dad has had many different jobs and travelled extensively. In each of his trades, he was the one to innovate. His best qualities? Common sense, engagement and balance. His last position was that of facility manager. He didn't know the first thing about male alternatives to birth control, not to mention the ring! He became our technical manufacturing manager. To this day, he has built up a unique experience, producing over 300 pieces all the while discovering and getting to grips with a material that is not easily modulated. Now that’s craftsmanship.

Martine , quality & logistics manager:If there was only one word to describe her professions & aspirations, it would be humanity. My mum is a quintessential mix of perfectionism and pure light. Her main task is to ensure production quality and quick delivery of the product. Her presence is a pledge of confidence and rigour. Stock management, shipping and production quality needs drive us to continually improve our manufacture and follow-up processes.

This handcrafted, family adventure rests on love and a sense of sharing, which are the bedrock of our family.

Highlighting, building awareness, increasing access.

What drives me most in this project

I am profoundly convinced that this method is a reliable alternative that responds to a current need in our various journeys toward birth control. Seeing the lack of awareness surrounding it and its limited reach, I went on to design the 'Andro-switch' ring and to make it available to any person wishing to start using this method. My body is mine. And this method being made invisible is a real threat to my freedom of mindful choice. Working in the paramedical field myself, I highly value ethics and respect for everybody’s freedom of decision. This, however, cannot happen if part of the information is silenced.

History of the project

Four years of intense research work, development, partnership building, engagement and reassessment have led us to where we are today, offering you a simple, sustainable and reliable tool. It is rapidly available and very affordable.

  • The idea

December 2016 - April 2017: 6 months

End of 2016: I realize how little I actually know about so-called male contraception. Pierre Colin, Ardecom and others reach out to me and guide me in my desire to use a male contraception method. I was initially going for the hormonal one, as the thermal method seemed too restrictive to me. But after I had informed myself about the hormonal option and had collected testimonies, I ended up choosing the thermal one. Right. But I wasn't in Toulouse where I could have met with Dr R. Mieusset, the andrologist who had initiated the concept, and couldn’t find a place to sew such underwear in Marseilles. I was really willing to do the right thing... But how could I start acting on this will?

February 2017: Have you ever experienced an epiphany merged with a sort of intrinsic tension from feeling you are just plain stuck? Yeah, that “Eureka, that’s it” kind of moment! Well, Andro-switch is exactly that. I was stuck both in terms of knowledge and on the material side. So I decided to answer my own need, this urge to become contracepted by lifting my balls up.

Some of the coincident thoughts were: I never wear briefs, why should I start wearing some? Sewing, why not, but only if it’s sails for a ship: my heart always leans toward oceans rather than continents. A protocol, some tools... But at the same time, a method that is rendered invisible, a cleavage, a taboo: was it all for medical reasons? Apparently not, when you read the conclusions of the 15 clinical trials. So what? Sociocultural reasons, that’s what it was. Birth control is a juicy market and a problem deemed solved: “women are in charge.” So why bother offering so-called male methods with low economic output such as testicle-lifting tools? What was I to do, keep people mired in ignorance and rooted in hard-to-break habits? What else, if not relying on feminist struggles and on cleavages to remind everyone that the girl is the one carrying the child, while the boy, well, apart from planting a fertilizing seed, protecting from STDs and being there for support – what does he actually do about it?

  • Research & development

May 2017 - December 2019: 2 and a half years

We created prototypes, studied medical and sociocultural data, estimated the potential need for the product, set up a strategy to make Andro-switch readily available, started raising awareness amongst the general public, built tools to help users practice this new method and follow them up.

  • Environmentally responsible production

January - April 2019: 4 months

We created the production supply chain and distribution tools we would need, devised a viable and competitive economical and ecological model, developed partnerships, set up our e-commerce model and our handcrafted production.

  • Making Andro-switch and the associated method visible and available

February 2019 - today

Defining the structure of the website, writing it, testing the production in terms of quality and quantity, testing our supply chain, building partnerships with artists, organizations, and paramedical corporations internationally, paving the way for a better follow-up, a wider outreach and an improved image of the method and of Andro-switch itself, tightening our relationships with our partners and developing new ones, creating the draft for a Natural Contraception Methods Observatory thanks to which data will be collected to finally prove once and for all the effectiveness of methods such as the diaphragm (or cap), the symptothermal (or fertility awareness) method, or the testicular thermal method while ensuring a health monitoring system that will help improve the various practices and protocols.

The research phase is still ongoing. I am testing the multiple modalities of the protocol on myself to make it all smoother and to tailor a large-scale clinical study that we plan on carrying out in the near future.

Our ambition is that within two generations, this method is as ordinary as the condom.

This whole process took three years up to now and was funded by the sale of my sailboat to settle down close to my daughter.

No traditional funder has dared hopping on board with me to launch my business despite my relentless pleas over the past 3 years. What were the reasons, you might ask? The idea was too innovative, the steps too costly to reach an unknown market, boys would never agree to this, the problem is solved, girls are in charge, and so on.

The money from my sailboat, Latitudes, a Trismus 37, has allowed me to carry out all the necessary research, to develop the ring and first launch it, making it available to everybody. This knowledge belongs to us all. It is our duty, as a civil society, to fund it. I control the distribution of the ring for now, because as the creator and promoter of the project I believe I am its best advocate. I am trying out a new approach to highlight this knowledge, this tool and this method, to provide them with solid back–up and to make them readily available.

The protocol that underlies this contraception method with testicle lifting is designed to be safe. Let’s develop this method so that institutions don’t have any other choice than to make it official, to fine–tune it and to structure its cost and reimbursement. Contraception and unintended pregnancies can cause deaths. These issues are public health matters and need to be addressed. It is the country’s stately duty to protect the health of its citizens.

Why is this topic shrouded in a such an unremitting silence on the state’s part?

Do you have any idea what girls endured in order for hormonal contraception to be developed? Of all the risks that were taken to control so–called female fertility? The risks boys have taken with the thermal method are only drops on the window overlooking the cemetery where we bury those that aren’t even named. I strongly urge you to read "j'arrête la pilule" (Quitting the pill) by Sabrina Debusquat (only available in French for the time being).

Now it's your turn to try your hand at it, your turn to do and to practice. Change lies within evolution!

Could we just contemplate a common approach to fertility control?

The idea is not to backtrack on the progresses made, but only to add the slightest bit of knowledge to what still kills one woman every 7,30 minutes, to what too often kills Love partly because of a misconception of our mutual responsibilities. How can it be that people might soon go to Mars but that equality in the contraceptive load is still in its infancy?....................................................

Social pressure as a change agent

You have read and browsed through the website. You now have a better grasp of the topic’s extent. You are just a little freer than before you visited this page, because you now know it has been proved that birth control can be male:

  • Vasectomy: still not accessible enough to younger people in France.
  • So-called male hormonal contraception: slow to emerge despite WHO recognition.
  • Justicia Gendarussa in Papua: epididymal contraception with enzymatic action after consuming Gendarussa, a method that has been applied for hundreds or even thousands of years.
  • Temperature dependence of the spermatogenesis: A “slow” approach, the prolonged exposure of the testicle to a temperature of 37°C for 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a maximum of 4 years as a precautionary measure and all contraindications aside.

What are we going to do with the money we earn?

For now, it will be used to justify and address the need for a different MC nation– and Europe–wide. The ring costs €37, with a very low output because we are a family, because we love for the sake of loving and do for the sake of doing.

Money is energy. This is how we intend to use it:

  • Ensure myself a decent revenue to live and raise my daughter in all dignity thanks to a project that is dear to my heart.
  • Create jobs with an eco–responsible approach.
  • Contribute to the independence of organizations, companies and people wishing to get involved in the development of so–called male and/or natural contraception in general, and thermal in particular.
  • Support theses and research on TMC, MC and natural contraception with a transdisciplinary approach.
  • Fund a Male Contraception Observatory or even an Observatory for Natural Contraception Methods, male and female, in order to gather all available knowledge with a quality approach, along with the users and organizations that wish to be a part of it.
  • Share and examine the various practices so that everyone can learn about them.
  • Unify natural method, regardless of gender.

Two mutual actions are more effective than separate ones. 

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