Which model should I choose ?

There are 5 different models. Even if there’s only a few millimetres difference between each model, it can be a game changer for a good, safe and efficient positioning.

All explanatory videos are to be found under the TUTORIALS tab.

Thanks to the document " My ANDRO-SWITCH model » vous allez être guidé pas à pas pour déterminer le modèle qui vous convient.

1. Stand up. With a ruler placed horizontally, measure the width (diameter) at the middle point of your erect penis. 

2. Check the “Erect width” line in the table and find the box corresponding to your measurement.

Example: My measurement is 3.8, it corresponds to the box ‘From 3.5 to 4’. 

3. Read the line below the chosen box and you’ll know which reference to order.

The chosen box is ‘From 3.5 to 4’, the corresponding model is ‘Cartman’. 

If you find that you are in between two references, we recommend you choose the model from the previous box.

If you have any doubts, feel free to email me at[email protected]with your measurements both erect and at rest (at room temperature, 20°C). I’ll help you choose your reference.

Upon reception, try it on. If the model is not right for you, it is possible to exchange it within 15 days of shipping.

Please allow 7 working days between order and shipping.

First trial & fittings 

You can just lightly shear you hair with scissors as in a brush cut, but no shaving – this helps with the gripping effect. 


1. The resting position, in which you only slide the penis and scrotum (the part just below the penis) through the ring. This is perfect at night or when you're not moving around too much.

2. The second position, when you are active, in which you also need to place the groin skin inside the ring. In this position, you need to secure this portion of skin with the inguinal canals inside the ring on both sides. I explain this very clearly in the placement and removal protocol.

Too large or too small?

A ring is considered too large when despite those moves, it doesn't stay in place and a testicle slides back down below the ring. As long as they are above or at the same level as the ring, the testicles are exposed to the heat of the body. A ring is considered too small when it marks your skin just like a tight sock would mark your calf skin, and also when erections don't subside by themselves. This means your penis remains filled with blood due to excess compression. In this case, take the ring off. 


Whether too large or too small, email me the following information at [email protected] the following information :

  • Ring too large or too small?
  • Erect width:
  • Resting width:
  • Order number:
  • Confirmed delivery address:

I'll get everything you need for your fittings ready. Upon reception, you have 7 days to do them and call me if needed. When you know for sure which model fits you best, email me to let me know and organize the return. 


  • Some guys like to keep two different sizes, one tighter and one looser to be used for various daily activities.
  • As an alternative, you can try a hybrid between different thermal-method tools. Contact me to discuss this option if needed.
  • Another alternative would be to try a hybrid between different natural methods (symptothermal method, diaphragm, thermal method...). Contact me to discuss this option if needed.
  • When going for this practice, you have two main goals: one is about mastering the technical aspects of testicle lifting, and the other is about the need to have a contraception method. You can achieve both at the same time, but you can also dissociate them. Contact me to discuss this if needed.

Click here to access the complete Andro-switch user manual on our website.

Download for free the Andro-Switch pack.

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