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This website is dedicated to the sale of the thermal ring. Quickly browsing through the tabs will give you a general picture of what Andro-switch is all about and how male thermal contraception with testicle lifting actually works.

Educational tools (videos, animations, documents) are available on our website to guide you in using the ring.

All explanatory videos are to be found under the TUTORIALS tab.

Articles lead to the blog, which explores this contraception method in deeper details and shares general thoughts about the levers and obstacles to the rise of boy/girl equality when it comes to contraceptive responsibility:

The many free tools at your disposal will allow you to make this practice your own in the best possible conditions:

Linking social entities, synergy and ascending subsidiarity:

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  • Associative
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The Andro-switch Pack

The Andro-switch Pack comprises all the information you will need to practice male thermal contraception with the ring. For other technical data regarding other tools (models: briefs,jock-strap,, bra,or any other DIY), please reach out toARDECOM.

Thoreme makes the Andro-switch Pack (PDF format) available for free download. It comprises:

Summary of the tool, its characteristics, and the CMT protocol.

Step by step guide for putting on and taking off the ring. A phase of awareness and discovery of your own body is proposed at the beginning.

A table accompanies you to choose the model that suits you.

The CMT medical protocol as well as that of hormonal male contraception, scientifically and medically validated.

Understand everything about the monitoring tool that you will practice regularly to check that the sperm concentration is below the official contraceptive threshold (WHO 2010) of 1 million / ml.

3 explanatory pages, 3 levels of complexity, to address the method, physiology, your appointments to schedule and improve your knowledge and therefore compliance.

The certificates of the silicone used proving its CE standards and biocompatibility for extended skin contact as well as its technical characteristics.

To read ! A wealth of information is there, get to know you and your partner.

Somehow keep these documents with you. They will allow you to grasp all the finer points of CMT, of wearing the thermal ring, and will be a mine of information you will need during your CMT practice. You do not need to understand all of the information in the documents to start contraception.

Click on the following image to get them all in one file: ANDRO-SWITCH PACK.

Activist networks:

ARDECOM (Research and development organisation for male contraception) : Since 1977, men stemming from support groups have been advocating forequality between both genders through equal sharing of the risks and responsibilities. They have initiated the thermal and hormonal contraceptive approaches that are available in France today. Excerpt from the AFC (French contraception organisation) Newsletter"Male contraception: a highly topical issue""Oct 2018. Find their story and that of the so-called male contraception in the thesis of Cyril Desjeux : The experience of ARDECOM 1979 - 1986

They are advocating for:

  • Developing a medical contraception option for men
  • Making alternate contraception possible between men and women

The ARDECOM charter (available soon) defines its frame and goals:

  • Provide the most complete and neutral information possible so that everybody has access to all the elements needed to make their own, free choices.
  • Define the right and access to temporary or permanent contraception options and to abortion but also to reproduction.
  • Consider male contraception as a tool to deconstruct patriarchy.
  • Encourage male empowerment so that men can take over these areas of their emotional and sexual life or their parenthood.
  • Collaborate with medical and government institutions as well as with companies offering contraceptive devices.

ARDECOM wishes:

  • to implement trainings in male contraception for healthcare providers (that could be lead by Dr Soufir and Dr Mieusset from the French-speaking Andrology Society);
  • to spread information regarding male contraception in planning centres (Family Planning and others) and in training centres for teenagers; to create male contraception consultations;
  • to create a network of doctors prescribing it in different regions.

THOMAS BOULOU “The male collective who got together to take their responsibilities as guys in managing the risks and consequences of their emotional and sexual lives. Informing and discussing this matter provides everyone with a better understanding of the gender-based social relations we are surrounded with: this is the contribution it intends on making.”

The collective has two main goals:

  • To provide mutual support to individual contraception endeavours and beyond: support to manage sexually transmitted diseases and infections and emotional relationships, encourage men to speak and share, support relationships between men and women, support feminism...
  • To bring these topics to the public sphere, drawing on concrete actions and everyone’s experience to ease access to testicular contraception methods.”

Excerpt from the May 2018 Thomas Bouloù pamphlet

Download the “Post-Workshop” document made by the collective with the main practical questions regarding the DIY models. It also explores in concrete aspects the possible adjustments to the medical protocol. Find it here for free: Analyse des pratiques Thomas Bouloù 2018.pdf

Free download the Matron_RCT Thomas Bouloù 2018.pdf document made by the collective to create your own testicular-lifting device step by step.

The project is a collective and collaborative endeavour focusing on experiments, research and documentation on desire, erotism and sexualities. Here you can fin all of the Thomas Boulou documents and tutorials for instance.

Where can I see the thermal ring and other testicle-lifting devices and try them out?

Get in touch with ARDECOM and its local groups or the THOMAS BOULOU

Where can I learn about male thermal contraception methods with testicle lifting?

Consult you general practitioner or get in touch with a Family Planning centre (Feminist and popular education movement), or with one of the planning or family education centres.

Activist networks such as ARDECOM and its local groups or the THOMAS BOULOU will also be able to provide you with information.

This video by andrologist R. Mieusset,founder of MTC, explains the protocol in 2 minutes.

This video by endocrinologist JC. Soufir,founder of the male hormonal contraception in France, discusses how it works, its history and the need for social pressure in order for male/female equality regarding contraception to become a reality.

You can visit the following pages:

The patent of the briefs is available Here.

If after you have browsed through all of these questions and done your research you still don’t have an answer to your question, e-mail us at [email protected]. An Andro-switch expert with several years of experience in nursing care will get back to you.

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