In 2017, out of 208 million pregnancies worldwide, 41% were undesired and lead to 41 million abortions. There were 11 million miscarriages and 70 000 related deaths in women. That equals one death every 7,30 minutes... In France, in 2/3 of the couples, women alone are in charge of birth control (Le Guen et al 2017). Some women have issues with their contraception methods, others mention the mental load associated with the absence of choice regarding contraception for women. It is high time things started to change. 

A picture of male contraception in France in 2020 

In 2020, it is still not possible for boys to officially embrace thermal contraception with testicle lifting, although the method is natural, safe, efficient and reversible. contraception thermique dite masculine par remontée testiculaire Yet in France and in the rest of the world, a majority of men would be willing to use a so-called male contraception method (Heinemann et al. 2005). les hommes seraient majoritairement prêts à utiliser une méthode de contraception dite masculine (Heinemann et al. 2005). 

Such methods exist and they are reliable, but their availability is limited for two main reasons:

  • The general public is not aware of their existence
  • Healthcare providers involved in prescribing contraception lack specific training (Amouroux et al. 2018).

Men can currently choose from four contraceptive methods: 

But a thermal method did appear in the 1990s.

It is based on the age-old knowledge that spermatogenesis is temperature dependent. It has been clinically proved that the thermal contraception method meets the standards of official birth control methods: efficiency, reversibility, absence of side effects and acceptability. la méthode de contraception thermique répond aux critères des méthodes contraceptives officielles : efficacité, réversibilité, absence d’effet secondaire et acceptabilitéEnvironmental, social and economic criteria also need to be factored into the choice of birth control modalities. 

Raising awareness about male thermal contraception: organizations and collectives have been hard at work for over 20 years

La asociación para la investigación y el desarrollo de los anticonceptivos masculinos (ARDECOM(Association pour la Recherche et le Développement de la Contraception Masculine, Research and Development of Male Contraception Organization) and the THOMAS BOULOU collective, among others, have been actively campaigning to make this method easily available. Their action takes the form of local support groups and the sewing of testicle-lifting underwear.Se concibieron con la misma finalidad que el slip calefactor o Remonta Cojones Tolosano (RCT) slip chauffant (Toulouse Ball-Lifting Underwear) only delivered at Toulouse University Hospital (CHU) by andrologist R. Mieusset. Here

Boys have been using male thermal contraception under medical supervision for about 20 years at Toulouse university hospital or with their general practitioner. 

Male thermal contraception is one of the easily available alternatives that allow boys to assume their share of the contraceptive responsibility in a spirit of sharing and mutualisation. This approach allows them to finally touch on questions regarding sexuality, paternity and fertility. 

Thoreme promotes testicular contraception

THOREME has created a new testicle-lifting device, which is different from its underwear counterpart, that combines great technicality, sustainability and a minimalist design. The thermal ring is made of a soft silicone that is approved for extended skin contact. Discreet and easy to use, it is perfect to bring the testes closer to the body, which raises their temperature and allows you to apply the testicular thermal contraception medical protocol ..

Click here to view all clinical studies, the history of the method and of testicle-lifting devices:

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