Patented and handcrafted in France 

Stemming from a transdisciplinary research on testicle lifting, from biomimicry to bioethics , Andro-switch is one of the 21st-century innovations

The Andro-switch device is specifically designed to keep the testes up in the inguinal sac, which is a necessary condition to apply the testicular thermal contraception medical protocol.

It is manufactured by hand with the highest technical know-how, respecting sanitary and safety regulations. Each piece we make is therefore unique. All the rings are sterilized before shipping. 

Comfortable & convenient 

100% platinum-catalysed silicone, certified biocompatible, it allows you to practice testicle lifting ergonomically and pain-free

The qualities of the silicone, its shape and the structure of its internal side create a non-slip push-up effect that holds the testes upso that they cannot go back down into the scrotum or the inguinal canal.

The internal side of the ring is specifically designed to let the skin breathe and to eliminate moisture. 

Discreet, light, reusable, supple, resistant, easy to clean, you can bring it along anywhere you go.

Just like your underwear, you’ll soon forget you’re even wearing it. 

Ecological & economical 

Andro-switch aims at having the lowest possible carbon footprint and ecological impact.

Latex-free and hypoallergenic, Andro-switch does not contain any colouring, fragrance, BPA, phtalates, plastic, bleaching agents or toxins. Being non-hormonal, its use does not cause any kind of chemical pollution unlike hormonal contraceptives which have

Non hormonal, son usage n’entraîne pas de pollution chimique due aux contraceptifs hormonaux ayant des environmental consequences on wildlife for instance..

Just one thermal ring is enough but it is recommended to have a second one or another testicle-lifting device at hand in case of loss. Its low price and its durability make it a very affordable solution. 

More than just a product, an engagement 

Slow contraception is about becoming an environmentally responsible user of natural testicular or so-called male contraception.

Practising testicular thermal contraception with Andro-switch – just like with any other other testicle-lifting device – is an individual initiative based on your freedom of decision over your own body, on your freedom to chose your birth control method and on everyone’s responsibility

It is every person’s right to make free, informed and responsible decisions and to exercise full control over all basic aspects of their private lives. And that includes sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The silence shrouding this method and the tools that allow us to put it into practice is a real threat to our rights and to our freedom of mindful and eco-responsible choice regarding contraception.

A fair contraception is a chosen one.

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